Seller’s Checklist

Contact J. Backer Group we will help you identify the most important aspect of selling your home.

  • Why are you selling your home? Relocation, need more or less space, financial relief etc…
  • When do you want or need to sell? Timing is the most critical element to the sales process
  • Season – spring is the best time for sales, which will bring you more potential buyers and winter is the least attractive season which brings out less buyers.
  • Price– the second most important element, if your property is not properly priced, your property will either sell too quickly (if priced below market) or else sit on the market long enough to be considered as a “stale” listing, lastly overlooked by everyone if priced too high in the current market.
  • Market – the general trends of supply and demand can greatly affect the timing of a sale. Interest rate movements are the most significant factor for igniting or dampening sales.
  • Prepping Your Home – J. Backer Group can help you with this!
  • Is your home buyer ready? Staging the property to show it in its best form is the goal. A buyer has to see the vision of living there. Any one thing can turn a buyer off. It takes very little time for a buyer to make up their mind if they want to buy your home.

We at J. Backer Group will bridge the vision gap between you the seller and the buyer.

Clean and Freshen
  • Clean bathrooms and kitchens until they shine.
  • Clean Windows – open blinds and let the light in
  • Target foul smells – smoking, pets and trash especially
Clean and Freshen
  • The focus is to create visual space everywhere you can
  • People are visual-especially Buyers!!
  • Get rid of all clutter, clean off bookshelves, put away or throw out toys
  • Clear off countertops and tables
  • Clean and organize closets
  • Dispose or store all unnecessary furniture
Clean and Freshen
  • Fix minor things in the house, make it livable
  • Repair faucets, replace missing knobs
  • Replace missing door or cabinet handles
  • Fix or replace broken appliances
  • Paint if possible, using neutral colors or bright white. Paint brings a fresh look and smell!